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Our mission is to make you feel warm and taken care of,

helping life’s background noises to quiet down a bit.

It can be for one session, a few hours,

or you can create an ongoing self care routine.

You can come alone and you don’t have to bring anything with you.

By creating certain circumstances,

we believe you can truly invest in yourself and in your own care.

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Who Are We?



A new cultural community of open-minded people, who enjoy exclusive experiences and exceptional content.




Uniquely curated and tailored concept events fit to the exact dimensions of the organization.


"Every little detail was in the place and under control. All that was left was just to just reach out and let ourselves be drawn into your hands and taken care of. Creating this feeling is not obvious at all and as two coming from the world of hospitality we know what it takes, how much responsibility it is and how easily everything can get complicated. 

Coming to your event left us feeling so fresh and pampered. 

— Omer Alony, Chef

IMG_2910 2.JPG

A perfect experience period.

I have nothing more to to add.

It was one of the most stunning events I have ever been to. 

The atmosphere was really special, everyone was getting to know each other and having conversations and it was a vibe that I had not 

experienced in other places. 

- Carmel Fudim, HR

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