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Self-Care for Businesses


















In today’s world, the thrill and excitement threshold is very very high. In recent years, consumption of content and entertainment in their traditional form (cinema, restaurant or theater) is no longer sufficient.

People are tired of ordinary and typical events and are looking to experience new kinds of experiences.

The new consumer is looking to feel unique.



We have been redefining the world of experiences by creating a new and unique cultural community of open-minded people, who enjoy exclusive experiences and exceptional content. To date, over 40 inspiring sessions have been created, with hundreds of participants and thousands of followers. 



The dream is to take the knowledge we have accumulated over the past year, and bring it to businesses who understand the value in creating events of this kind. Businesses that are looking for a unique and accurate experience for their employees.



Each event is curated taking in account 3 fixed elements that create a unique and tailored concept fit to the exact dimensions of the organization.

Content- new and unique content through inspiring and intriguing meetings. 

Action- our way to connect the guests to the experience and making it more tangible, memorable and exciting. 

Hospitality - we believe that the smallest details enhance the experience making it holistic and complete. 

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