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Garden Pici Recipe

Recipe by @omeralony

Dreaming of an Italian summer?

Having a dinner party?

Truthfully, we don't really need a reason to make this pic pasta recipe.

Fresh, light and summery!

Let's go!


3 cups of pasta flour

2 cups of semolina

1 1/2 cups of cool water

1/3 cup of olive oil

Sprinkle of sea salt

Prepare the pasta dough a few hours ahead of the planned meal.

  1. In a large bowl, combine the pasta flour and the semolina. Then gradually add all the other ingredients. Mix well using your hands.

  2. When a dough texture forms, “work it” on a surface until smooth (about 4-5 minutes).

  3. Wrap the dough in plastic to prevent it from drying.

  4. After 1 hour fold the dough as if you were folding a paper in the middle. Wrap again and let rest for another 2 hours.

  5. Flatten the dough with your hand, then roll it out with a pin. It should be about 1cm thick.

  6. Cut the dough to thin stripes and cover with a moist towel to prevent from drying.

  7. With your hands flat, roll each stripe from the center outwards rapidly. Put on a floured tray so they don’t stick together.

For the sauce, you can use any fresh green vegetables you lay your hands on. I love using fresh peas, asparagus, green beans and spinach. And I always start with celery and leeks. Once you have the veggies washed and prepared it’s really a matter of minutes before you eat.


200 g butter

1/2 cup water

5 garlic cloves, chopped


Lemon zest from 2 lemons

Black pepper

Grated cheese for topping

  1. Melt butter in a pot. Chop the celery and leeks and let it soften in the pot. Once the leeks is nearly transparent, add the garlic.

  2. Start adding the other vegetables, one vegetable at a time.

  3. Add salt, pepper, lemon zest and water and mix well, shake the pot and take time to notice how the texture of the liquid becomes saucy.

  4. Cook the fresh pici in boiling water for 3 minutes and add it immediately to the sauce. Mix and serve, top with your favorite grated cheese.

Buon appetito!

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