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Travel Packing Tips: Weekend Getaway

Hate packing? Over-packer?

Fashion and life-style blogger Amit Cabili, @Amitca, teaches us how to pack like a true pro with the 3C method. We're here to provide you a fresh perspective on preparing and packing for your well-deserved vacation. one way to relieve packing anxiety is to have a clear strategy using our hacks.


With travel restrictions are easing up, and the world slowly getting back to normal, I though it could be cool to share some packing tips that helps me get by. Whether it’s a three weeks long euro trip, or a quick weekend getaway to the countryside: for most of us- a good packed luggage can go a long way.

Today I am packing for a quick business trip to Ibiza, and I wanted to share with you my little method to stay focus, efficient and most importantly - to avoid overpacking!

I like to call it: The 3C Method.

(1) Cute (2) Comfy (3) Co-ords.

I’ll explain.


Define a color palette and make sure you take COLORFUL and fun pieces. We each have our own definition of “cute” however, what I mean by cute is one or two pieces that stand out.

That makes you feeling fabulous by wearing :)

In my case, I picked up this floral midi skirt from Zara and paired it with a fuchsia pink t-shirt from Uniqlo.


Or in other words comfortable. Make sure you have a big jumper/ sweater, cosy pants & a really big bag to through your passports/little essentials.

I like wearing my comfy look on the day I’m travelling, wether it’s a plane/train is think being comfortable is so important and also kinda chic. A good alternative to my look would be a fun tracksuit or tight leggings.

Personally I try to avoid tracksuits because I think the trends has been around for too long :)


Forever and always! For the uninitiated, a co-ord is the nickname given to a matching two-piece outfit, with both parts usually made from the same fabric, colour, or pattern, or all three.

I’ll never travel anywhere without have that two piece set with me. I love co-ords because they’re easy to mix and match, work separately and together. They allow me to really versatile my looks if I feel stuck :)

This suit (from De Rococo) is one of my favourite pieces I own - I bough it over a year ago and used it so many times! Definitely a smart investment.

Step two! Once I’ve gathered my cute pieces, my comfy looks and chose at least one set - I can now start planning my looks and really understand how they work together. I only plan and organise outfits if I go on a weekend getaway, whereas for longer vacation I tend to go with the flow.

Like I’ve mentioned before, choosing one color palette often helps me to mix and match if by any chance I change my mind about one of the outfits! Hang in there! We’re almost done.

All I have to do once I've sorted out my clothes, is shoes, make-up & jewellery. Shoes: I try to stick to two pairs of shoes, especially if my vacation is short. You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers, and for the evening I like to pack my loafers. They are nice but not too fancy, and I feel like they go well with almost everything!

I take my jewellery very seriously, and I hardly ever use make-up on so this part is really individual!

Depending on where you travel and how often do you use makeup.

But make-up & jewellery is for sure my last and final touch before i zip up my carry on and I'm ready to go!

Stay tuned and keep reading for more packing tips to come, see you on my next vacation!

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